Flying Vision vous propose des kits GIES, ou kits de raffinerie

The GIES kits, or Refinery kits, are safety equipment designed to shut down internal combustion engines by suffocation and cut off all electrical power to the vehicle or motorized equipment.

The GIES (or G.I.E.S = Inter-Company Group for Safety) is one of the four technical committees of MASE MEDITERRANEE GIPHISE and its mission is to “enhance the safety of interventions on high-risk industrial sites in the PACA region through the dissemination of information and training of personnel from participating companies.”

The G.I.E.S addresses safety issues specific to industrial risks associated with work, particularly those related to external companies operating on these sites. It is within this framework that the GIES has developed a procedure describing the necessary safety equipment to be present on vehicles and construction machinery accessing the member sites of MASE MEDITERRANEE GIPHISE.

The main philosophy behind the GIES kit, or refinery kit, is to be able to cut off all sources of energy on board a vehicle or motorized equipment in the event of a gas alert on a petrochemical site, in order to prevent the activation of an ATEX atmosphere (explosive atmosphere) or engine runaway that could lead to the same consequence.

The GIES kit includes the following items:

  1. An engine shut-off valve (also known as a shutter, flap, or butterfly valve) is used to cut off the intake of engine air.
  2. An electronic engine cut-off (fuel solenoid valve or other).
  3. An electrical circuit breaker that cuts off all electrical power.
  4. A flame arrester equipped with a double grid.

The actuation of an engine shut-off valve can be of different types:

  • Manual actuation by a pull cable.
  • Pneumatic actuation (commonly found in heavy-duty vehicles).
  • Electrical actuation.

Présentation du contenu d’un kit GIES électrique


With our expertise in mechanics and electronics, some of our clients who have been facing reliability issues with their GIES kits or Refinery kits have approached us for assistance.

Photo d’un équipement GIES de clapet étouffoir bricolé non fiable

Example of damper valve for GIES kit found on the market

Photo d’un équipement GIES disponible sur le marché, mais peu fiable

Example of a pull-type damper valve installation developed by FLYING VISION

After conducting a brief market analysis of emergency shutdown systems, we have decided to develop a range of products and services specifically tailored to GIES kits and Refinery kits. Our goal is to enhance the reliability and professionalism of these installations.

Our engineering department has developed a range of secure, reliable, and professional products for GIES equipment, offered at highly competitive prices.

Clapet étouffoir FLYINGVISION version tirette

Flying Vision offers a manual/toggle version of the shut-off valve with a pull handle

Présentation de notre kit GIES étouffoir Flying Vision version solénoïde

Flying Vision provides an electric/solenoid version of the shut-off valve

Présentation de notre équipement GIES étouffoir Flying Vision version pneumatique

Flying vision Pneumatic Shut-Off Valve

We offer a range of complete and individual GIES / Refinery equipment, designed for garages or installers looking to carry out high-quality installations.

Exemple d’un kit GIES pneumatique disponible sur le marché

Example of a ready-to-assemble GIES pneumatic kit

Notre kit GIES version tirette vous garantit une grande fiabilité

Example of a ready-to-fit manual GIES kit / pull rod

Photo de notre KIT GIES électrique version solénoïde

Example of a ready-to-fit electrical GIES kit

We also provide installation services for GIES / Refinery kits in our workshop or at the client’s location. The average downtime is 24 hours, and in many cases, installations can be completed within the same day.

GIES Verification / GIES Certification

Since 2019, Mase Méditerranée GIPHISE has implemented a training program for all GIES equipment verifiers.

This training is provided by the KILOUTOU group. It enables trained individuals to perform periodic GIES verifications according to the same reference framework (GIES PRO 320 – REV3 – INDUSTRIAL VEHICLE ACCESS Procedure).

Here is a reminder of the requirements to obtain a GIES sticker:

The vehicle/machine must be in good general condition (lights, tires, removable parts, electrical wiring).
The emergency stop must be identifiable and accessible. It should shut down the engine upon activation and simultaneously cut off the fuel supply.
The cut-off switch must be identifiable and accessible, located next to the emergency stop, and should disconnect the general electrical power supply of the vehicle or machine.
A flame arrestor must be visible and in good condition on the exhaust outlet. If the vehicle/machine is equipped with an original spark arrestor, a flame arrestor is not required. In this case, a conformity certificate (EN 1834) from the manufacturer is necessary.
The vehicle/machine must have a valid fire extinguisher.
Lastly, the validity date of the GIES sticker is directly linked to the inspection.

Image du macaron de vérification GIES

Once all these criteria have been checked, the verifier can affix the periodic verification sticker for the GIES kit.

Le macaron GIES se met aussi sur les sites pour montrer le respect des procédures GIES

This G.I.E.S verification will be required at the entrance of SEVESO sites that are members of MASE in order to obtain the GIES site sticker. This sticker will be valid on all member sites.

Photo du montage d’un équipement GIES réalisé par un non professionnel

MASE Méditerranée GIPHISE recommends that installers of GIES kits undergo this training in order to improve the overall quality of installations and to prevent incomplete and unprofessional installations.

GIES Kit for Refinery Safety

Exemple de kit GIES version électrique pour un Peugeot Partner

Electric GIES Kit for Peugeot Partner

Installation d’un kit GIES Installation of an electric GIES kit, ready to install, by Flying Vision, including the following components:

  1. Double-grid flame arrestor
  2. 50mm throttle valve + 12V solenoid + 2m long 3×2.5mm² cable
  3. Solenoid timing control module
  4. Crimp terminal kit (2.5mm² and 4mm²)
  5. Waterproof fuse holder + 12A time-delay fuse
  6. 2x4mm² cable for power supply to the timing control module + 2×2.5mm² cable
  7. Steel hose clamps (D50-D70) for throttle valve installation (quantity: 3)
  8. 45° angled flexible silicone hose (D48mm)
  9. Flexible TPU hose clamps for securing hoses
  10. Dual-contact NO+NC emergency stop button
  11. Battery cutoff switch button + mounting screws + drilling template for body panel
  12. Black plastic washer for body panel + mounting screws for cutoff switch installation
  13. Battery cable (35mm², 1.3m) + heat shrink tubing + split conduit + M6 screws
  14. Telemecanique contactor cable (1.5m) with pre-wired fuse holder
  15. Cable tie kit (x10) for securing battery cables, pull cable, and contactor cable
  16. “EMERGENCY STOP GIES KIT” + “CIRCUIT BREAKER” adhesive stickers
  17. Installation manual.

Customized GIES kit for a generator set installed in a mobile decontamination unit

Customized GIES kit with pull-cord version

This GIES kit includes the following components:

  • Custom-made machined throttle valve for seamless integration between the engine block and the airbox
  • IP67-rated 12A limit switch for electronic engine shutdown by cutting off the fuel supply through the solenoid valve
  • 150A emergency shutdown circuit breaker
  • Double-grille flame arrestor for added safety precautions

The GIES Electric Kit for Peugeot Expert / Citroën Jumpy includes the following components

Kit GIES version électrique pour Peugeot Partner

The GIES Electric Kit for Peugeot Expert / Citroën Jumpy

Installation of an Electric GIES / Refinery Kit, ready to install Flying Vision, on Citroën Jumpy or Peugeot Expert, includes:

  • Electric solenoid throttle valve
  • Power management/temporization unit for the solenoid with a timed fuse
  • Complete wiring harness
  • Flame arrestor
  • Cutoff switch
  • Emergency stop button with NO/NC contact for electronic engine shutdown and activation of the power management unit
  • “GIES Kit – Emergency Stop” and “Cutoff Switch” labels
  • Installation instructions for the GIES kit