Visual inspection robot

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Explore the unexplored and inspect the inaccessible with the VIR-1, the game-changing mini robot in demanding industrial environments.

Step into a new era of visual inspection and exploration with the VIR-1, a cutting-edge robot that combines innovative technology and geometry to access the most inaccessible areas of the naval, petrochemical, and other industries. With its compact size, autonomy, and ability to move on ferromagnetic surfaces, the VIR-1 revolutionizes inspection and exploration in challenging environments.

Context and field of application

The VIR-1 is a mini remotely operated robot specifically designed for visual inspections and exploration in challenging industrial environments. With its innovative technology, wireless control system, and HD video feedback, it is capable of traversing vertical ferromagnetic metal walls, enabling visual inspections and exploration of previously inaccessible areas. Some of the application areas include:

  • Boat and submarine hulls: inspection of internal and external hulls, verification of pressurized equipment and pipelines.
  • Petrochemical industry: inspection of tanks, spheres, and storage tanks.
  • Energy industry: inspection of metal structures and components in power plants and nuclear facilities.
  • Shipbuilding: inspection of bilges, watertight compartments, and internal structures.

The VIR-1 offers great versatility with its compact size and wireless autonomy, allowing for visual inspections and exploration of environments that were previously impossible to reach.

Notre VIR-1 peut se déplacer sur des parois métalliques ferromagnétiques verticales
Nomenclature de notre robot d’inspection visuelle VIR-1


  1. Aluminum alloy / POM body
  2. Interchangeable soft surface wheel
  3. Horizontal support rollers
  4. Panoramic HD camera
  5. 200lm LED lighting
  6. fixing point



Access to areas once inaccessible thanks to its innovative technology and disconcerting ease of use.
Wireless control up to 500 meters for free inspection.


Superior video inspections thanks to the wide-angle Full HD camera and ultra-bright 1000 nits monitor screen.
Water resistance up to 2 meters deep (IP68) and robust design in aluminum alloy, stainless steel and POM-C.


Minimization of risks for operators thanks to remote inspections.
Improved security of previously inaccessible inspected facilities.
Little intrusive, light and not very dangerous, minimizing the consequences on the installations in the event of a fall.


Exceptional adaptability with modular wheels to cope with various environments and challenges


Photo du robot CND VT VIR-1 en action

Adaptability to surfaces

Thanks to its innovative geometry, the VIR is able to move on concave, convex, back and front surfaces for unlimited visual inspection.

Photo montrant les roues interchangeables de notre robot d’inspection visuelle

Interchangeable wheels

Its optional magnetic wheels allow it to move to any position imaginable on ferromagnetic surfaces.

Photo de la compacité de notre robot VIR-1

Extrême compacité et portabilité

Its extreme compactness allows it to reach difficult-to-access areas. Its small size is also advantageous for transportation and handling purposes.

Photo de la station de de contrôle du VIR-1, offrant un pilotage sans fil

Pilotage sans fil

Its autonomous operation mode allows it to reach the most narrow places without the issue of a tethered cable getting stuck on obstacles.

Photo de la station de de contrôle du VIR-1 allumée

Low-latency HD video transmission

The low-latency video transmission system allows you to perform real-time visual inspections and achieve precise robot positioning.

Photo de la caméra HD grand angle de notre robot d’inspection visuelle

Wide-angle HD camera

Capture high-definition images and videos for optimal visual inspections. A 200 lm LED lighting is provided for inspections in low-light conditions.

La station de contrôle du VIR-1 est ergonomique, pour une inspection visuelle facilitée

Ergonomic control station

The WIFI control station has been designed to facilitate your visual inspections. It allows for controlling the VIR functions, managing and piloting the camera, all through a powerful wireless connection.

Photo de la composition du kit du robot d’inspection visuelle VIR-1

Composition of the kit

  • VIR robot
  • CGS-Y control station
  • USB-C cable for charging
  • Ground Station Battery
  • USB-C Mains Charger
  • Transport case


Technical characteristicsDetails
DimensionsL 78 mm / D 68 mm
Mass225 / 275g depending on version
MaterialsAluminum alloy, stainless steel, POM-C
AutonomyFrom 1 to 2 hours depending on conditions of use
max distance500 m
Radio power25 mW
Frequency2,4 / 5,8 GHz
Speed300 mm/s
RegistrationFull HD 60fps
TransmissionFull HD 60 IPS
Tilt+/- 15°
RegistrationInternal (USB-C transfer)
Standard wheelsMoving on a flat surface
Magnetic wheelsCircular / vertical displacement

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